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In search of the freedom of women

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Around this year's World Refugee Day took place in the context of CORE in the OFF THEATER in Vienna under the title "Frau sein. Be free?! A forum theater play by women for women "a theatrical performance of the association" Theater of the Oppressed "took place. It was looking for the freedom of women. In the interactive play, which included the audience, the spectators accompanied Mariam (wife, mother, seeking employment) through a day of her life. Her everyday life is characterized by a lot of responsibility, attention demanding children, quarrels with the husband and the desire to make it all right. After the play, the spectators were able to intervene in the action themselves, take on one of the roles and try to change the situation. Together they searched for possibilities, ways out and new perspectives for Mariam. And with that, one or the other inspiration could be found for all women.

The play was created as part of the project "Each plays a role", a continuation of the participatory theater project "Frauen.Macht.Theater" by the association Theater der Unterdrückten Wien in cooperation with the association and Frauentreff Piramidops. Participants of the project are both escaped and non-migrated women. The project will give a stage to women who are otherwise rarely seen and heard in public. At the same time, the encounter space between the most diverse women from Vienna will provide an intercultural exchange, a mutual learning and sharing of experiences, feelings and life worlds and the creation of a creative space.