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You have already the possibility of initial and further training during your asylum proceedings. Language is one of the most fundamental bases in order to arrive in our society and working world. The city of Vienna supports you in learning German. Since 2017, there have been 10,000 additional places on German courses and thus a large range of German courses for asylum seekers in Vienna.


Who do I have to contact so that I can attend a German course?

If you are an asylum seeker, you have to contact the Wiener Bildungsdrehscheibe for the placement in a suitable German course. There are two possibilities here: If you live in assisted housing, you will be referred to the Wiener Bildungsdrehscheibe by your counsellor in your accommodation. If you are in private accommodation, please contact your advisor at Servicestelle der Grundversorgung Wien. The service office will refer you to the Vienna Education Office.

If you have been granted asylum, please contact the Arbeitsmarkt Service (AMS) or the Österreichische Integrationsfond (ÖIF).

Please find here an overview about so-called language cafes and conversation groups:

Please find here an overview about free or cheap German classes for youth or young adults:

What happens at the meeting in the Wiener Bildungsdrehscheibe?

The employees of the Wiener Bildungsdrehscheibe will support you in finding the right German course for you. Attention will be paid here to your strengths, abilities and personal goals. The counselling is individual and is available in several languages.

Will I also receive support with other education measures?

The services offered by the Wiener Bildungsdrehscheibe incorporates literacy, basic education and German courses of the levels A1, A2, B1. The Vienna Education Hub therefore not only supports you through placement in literacy and German courses but also through the referral to basic education services or to other education services - for instance, to complete the mandatory school-leaving qualification, to attend a higher educational institution or a university.

General information on the topic of "education" can be found HERE.

How do I reach the Wiener Bildungsdrehscheibe?

Wiener Bildungsdrehscheibe

Graumanngasse 7, Building B, 5th floor, 1150 Vienna
Tel.: 05 05 379 – 70 600

Availability by phone:
Monday to Friday 8.30 am - 3.30 pm