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Disclosure according to Section 25 par. 4 Media Act (editorial policy)
The website www.refugees.wien is an information and service portal for refugees in Vienna.

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Digital Ideas

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Data Protection Statement
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The Vienna Social Fund (Fonds Soziales Wien – FSW) processes the following personal data provided by you:

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We will process your personal data only for the following purpose:

•    Sending you our newsletters
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Your data will be processed on the following legal basis:

•    Performance of a contract and/or taking steps prior to entering into a contract

We will store your personal data only for as long as we deem necessary to meet the purposes stated above and as permitted under applicable law. In any case, we will store your personal data for the statutory retention period or until the statute of limitation for potential legal claims has expired.

You can exercise your rights to information, correction or deletion of data, limitation of data processing, objection and data portability at www.fsw.at (https://www.fsw.at/kontaktformular)

In addition, you may make a complaint with the competent supervisory authority (data protection authority).

How to contact our data protection officer:

Brigitte Prisching
Fonds Soziales Wien
Stabsstelle Recht
Guglgasse 7-9, 1030 Wien