Women's Coffee & Chat

Socializing & exchange with other women

Women, who would like to ....
... socialize with other women,
... exchange views and experiences regarding life issues and life histories
... and who are interested in developing creative ideas

can come to the "Womens's Coffee & Chat" in the CORE centre. The CORE centre provides space and rooms for convivial gatherings as well as a shared kitchen, a sewing room, a creative space and a studio. New ideas and creativity are very welcome in the CORE centre!

The "Women's Coffee & Chat" takes place weekly from Monday to Thursday:
Monday, 10-12 am - with Mrs. Sameera (German, Dari, Pashto, English)
Tuesday, 10-12 am - with Mrs. Ozra (German, Farsi, Dari)
Wednesday 10-12 am - with Mrs. Hasti (German, French, English, Farsi)
Thursday 10-12 am with Mrs. Najwa (German, Arabic, French)

Open group, registration not necessary

Copyright image: FSW/Katja Horninger

Projekt CORE

Time & location
18.06.2019 10:00 - 12:00
CORE Zentrum
Pfeiffergasse 4, Stiege D, 2. Stock
1150 Wien

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