Youth module: Educational paths in Austria (in German)

With language support for Fars / Dari, Arabic and Pashto

Educational paths in Austria

If you are new to Austria, you have many questions about education and training opportunities:

     How can I or my children attend school?
     How do I learn a profession?
     Will my school / vocational certificate from my home country in Austria be recognized?
     How can I teach as an adult?
     How do I get a compulsory school diploma?

A consultant from the educational counseling in Vienna tells about the educational opportunities in Austria. He answers your questions: What are the options for refugees in Austria? What should I put attention on? What can I do to get my foreign degree recognized? Who can help me?

Registration: none necessary
Module duration: 3 hours
Childcare: every Wednesday and Saturday

Copyright picture: Ismail Gökmen / MA17

Stadt Wien - Integration und Diversität

Time & location
19.06.2019 14:00 - 17:00
CORE Zentrum
Pfeiffergasse 4, Stiege D, 2. Stock
1150 Wien